Steve Gordy

Nights of Horseplay

Aiken’s horse statues are just adornment for its different neighborhoods – or are they? What if these inanimate figures come to life at night? What mischief might they cause? Could they change people’s lives?

Nights of Horseplay is an inspired romp through the streets of Aiken, a collection of equine fantasies from South Carolina’s thoroughbred country. You can order it at



Tangled Woods and Dark Waters

The paths of our lives don’t always lead us through sunny valleys and pleasant uplands. Often, we find ourselves facing predicaments that call on our inner resources to surmount. Perhaps you’ve faced a situation that challenges your most cherished beliefs, or you’ve launched great plans, only to see them turn to dust.

Tangled Woods and Dark Waters leads the reader down the twisting pathways of life. You can order it at