Steve Vassey


Wilbert Longtail, an orangey-red tabby with an extremely long tail, can’t understand what all the Christmas fuss is about. His humans have even brought a tree inside. So as all cats do, he takes a catnap to think things through.

Wilbert awakens to find himself in ancient Bethlehem. In search of a way home, he encounters the animals and people of the Nativity, and witnesses the birth of Jesus.

But where there is great good, evil will rise to oppose it. An enormous rat emerges from the shadows, intent on harming the sleeping baby. It falls to Wilbert to confront the threat-an encounter that ultimately leads him to the truth of Christmas.

The Author

Steve Vassey can’t claim a hometown. Though born at the Army hospital at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, his father’s work with the early US space program took the family over most of the state of Florida. He spent his first six years of education in eight different elementary schools. As a result of their frequent moves, he claims to be an introvert who learned to be an extrovert as a matter of necessity.

A lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction, Steve loves the world building aspect of the genres. “When done well,” he says, “all disbelief is suspended and you walk among the characters.”

Steve served multiple terms as president of the South Carolina Writers Workshop, and also acted as editor for the organization’s annual anthology. Retired from careers as an environmental scientist and information technology manager, he currently lives with his wife, an outspoken cat, and a forty-five pound lapdog in Cayce, SC