Suzanna J. Linton



Clara’s life extends no further than the castle kitchens and their garden. Those who know about her just think of her as the dull mute girl who may be a little soft in the head, not knowing that she carries within herself a precious gift: the ability to see the future.

When a vision prompts her to prevent a murder, she is thrown shoving her not only into the intrigues and gilded life of the nobility while a civil war brews in her country. As events unfold, and she is drawn deeper into the conflict, she meets an old friend, makes a new one, and begins to unearth secrets better left buried.

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Willows of Fate 

willowOfFateFinal-FJM_Mid_Res_1000x1500All her life, Desdemona has seen things others haven’t. Dragons, knights, dwarves, kids with three eyes. Heeding her mother’s advice, she keeps silent about this and struggles through life, pretending everything is normal.

At her mother’s death, Desdemona returns to a home haunted with memories but she is determined to not be shaken from what little normalcy she has. However, when her brother is murdered and she uncovers a family secret, Desdemona realizes that there is more to what she sees. Perhaps a whole other world, one that’s willing to kill to have her as its own.

The Bookwyrm Series 

bookwyrm series

Helen Delacroix can read auras and is a part of a community of supernatural beings: wizards and witches; telepaths and telekinetics; were-creatures and beings that were never human to start with. Anything can walk through the door of her store, The Bookwyrm: humans, non-humans, or eerie things that exist in-between. Lately, it’s been nothing but danger.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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