Tim Bryant

Blue Rubber Pool

Blue Rubber Pool was written during a time of mid-life crisis. My world was an unmanageable knot mixing me up and wearing me out.

My lovely new bride—for whom I’d given up sailing and moved to rural South Carolina—preferred staying at her parent’s generations-old plantation house.

Clients hounded me from four different time zones.

An unmarked helicopter buzzed the beach house I built in a cow pasture.

I liked Led Zeppelin while my neighbors were all into country. The kind of guns I liked were not for hunting and the kind of boat I liked was not for fishing.

I began questioning the merits capitalism and, too, my aversion to religion.

So I bought a $200 kiddie pool from Big Lots and spent most of a summer in it, floating and thinking.

When I finally got out, I’d written an abstract memoir. An adventure on The Money Trail.

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