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Guidelines for Posting Members’ Websites and Blog Pages 

1. Email your information to Indicate “Website to Post” or “Blog to Post” on the subject line of the email.
2. In the body of the email include your name and the link to your website or blog page.
3. Provide a link to on your website or blog page.
4. Posting is available to members in good standing. If membership expires, corresponding links will be removed from this page.

SCWA assumes no responsibility or liability for the contents of the pages or for the accuracy of the links to those pages. Please let us know if you discover broken links or offensive material.

Members’ Websites

Veronica Abrams

Bobbi Adams

Brian Barr

Vijaya Bodach

G. Hugh Bodell

Kim Boykin

Susan Boyer

A. J. Brown

Candace J. Carter

Kim Catanzarite

Linda Cookingham

Wanda Craig, as Raegan Teller

Brad Crowther

Peggy Cwiakala (The Coffee Roost LLC)

Torie Amarie Dale

Lisa Dunn

Nancy Lorraine Edelman

Stephanie Austin Edwards

Ann Eisenstein

Max Everhart

Barbara V. Evers

Craig Faris

Cat FitzGerald

Ray Foy

Brenda Gable

S Jane Gari

Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier

Georgia Griebel Gates

Sheila Good

Steve Gordy

Therese Grant

David Griffin

Jacqueline Gum

Edith Hawkins

J.E.S. Hays

C. J. Heigelmann

Jean Herreman

Mark Jones

Monet Jones

Sean Keefer

Robert Lee Kendrick

Don Kesterson

Crystal Klimavicz

J M Kelley

Robert F. Lackey

Laura Lanni

Jilda Leigh

Laura Bruno Lilly

Suzanna J. Linton

Leonora Livingston

George Long

McKendree Long

Linda Lovely

Nan Lundeen

Richard Lutman

Barbara Magera

David Maring

T C McCarthy

Jen McConnel

Jim McFarlane

Steve McMillen

J. Kyle McNeal

Mark K. Mitchell

Helen Mitternight

Christine Nolfi

Dianne Poston Owens

Dee Phelps

Amy Quinton

Alex Rath

Brenda Remmes

Debbie Richard

Dana Ridenour

Carlotta Russell

Carol-Ann Rudy

Shay Siegel

J.A.V. Simson

Regina Smeltzer

Bonnie Stanard

Olivia Stiffler

Donna Stone (Book) (Examiner)

Bob Strother

Karla Telega

Susan-Alia Terry

William Thrift

Laura P. Valtorta (Gatta Films LLC)

Scott Douglas Vaughan

Arlene Westermeyer

Ann Williams

Bettie Williams

Liz Gilmore Williams

Barbara Claypole White

Kasie Whitener, PhD

Moona Wu

YBR Publishing



Members’ Blogs

The Accidental Cootchie Mama by Andra Watkins

A Place to Breathe by Lloyd Edwards

Bobbi Adams, contemporary artist

Alex Rath, Author

Building Dandelion Farms by Peggy Cwiakala

CatFitzGerald by Cat FitzGerald

Cathartic Notes by G. Hugh Bodell

Christine Nolfi: Heartwarming and Inspiring Fiction by Christine Nolfi

Clio’s Temple by Steve Gordy

Coffee Roost Rambler by Peggy Cwiakala

Commendable Soap by Kimberly Lynne

Cow Pasture Chronicles by Sheila Good

Dancing on Mars by Lucinda Shirley

Dialysis Gal by Beth Crosby

Dispatches by Liz Gilmore Williams

An Eclectic Muse by Barbara V. Evers

ElvisBlog by Phil Arnold

Blog of Max Everhart

Flipflops and My Pearls by Jilda Leigh

Gossip and Solitude by Jayne Bowers

A Haphazard Blog by Valerie Norris

Blog of J.E.S. Hays

It Only Happens to Me by Helen Aitken

J.A.V Simson blogs: Solo Women at Home and Abroad | J.A.V. Simson

 Jen McConnel: Believe in Magic by Jen McConnel

J. D. Thompson’s Blog by J. D. Thompson

Laura Lanni’s blog by Laura Lanni

Life on Clemson Road by Kasie Witener, PhD

Living, Working and Writing in Myrtle Beach by Steve McMillen

Mark R. Jones

Monet’s Blog

Monk in the Cellar by David Griffin

Musings of a Writer by Dea Jones

A Path Lit By Words by Jean Herreman

Poetry Peddler by Lucinda Shirley

Q&A With Shay Each Sunday by Shay Siegel

The Quaker Cafe by Brenda Remnes

Amy Quinton’s Blog  by Amy Quinton

Raegan Teller’s Blog by Wanda Craig

Ray’s Journal by Ray Foy

Reading, Writing & Ruminating by Vijaya Bodach

Rex Hurst Speaks by Daniel Mooney

Romancing the Genres hosted by Carole St. Laurent

Southern Sass by Sandy Richardson

Stilettos Not Required

Studies in storytelling by Courtney Diles

Sue’s Solutions by Sue Cryer

Telega Tales by Karla Telega

The Trust by Sean Keefer

The Very Least of Me by Len Lawson

Type AJ Negative by A. J. Brown

UnapologeticallyX by Kasie Whitener, PhD

Watching Wonder by Trevor Scott Barton

We Smoked Our Sister and other Stories from a Childhood by Carlotta Russell

Where’s the justice? by Jacqueline Gum

The Wisdom of Hair by Kim Boykin

Womenswrites by Beth Browne

Words Matter – The SCWA Surfside Chapter Blog by SCWA Surfside Chapter

The Workbench of Faith by Barbara V. Evers

Write Persona by Bonnie Stanard

A Writer’s Window by Kim Blum-Hyclak

YBR Publishing Blog by Jack Gannon