New Iniatives for 2014

This blog will focus on an update of exciting topics from yesterday’s meeting of the SCWW Board of Directors. Since I was scheduled for this blog spot I volunteered to spread the news. Our new board has rolled up their sleeves, put on their thinking caps, gathered ideas from members, and they are ready to make 2014 a great year for our organization.

First, a nod to Chapter Leader, Monette Jones, COLA III Chapter Leader, for his wonderful input regarding Beta Readers and supporting the publications of members. His suggestions to Chapter Liaison, Michelle Ross, stimulated a great brainstorming session amongst the BOD.

In 2013 the Board worked steadily with the intent to stimulate member participation in the larger organization beyond the local chapters and Monette’s suggestions were a push to keep that communication going.

So, some of the new ideas hatched were a new chapter for Members at Large, the Beta Reader’s Project, establishing a collection of member publications to be housed at a facility with public access such as a state library, a move to include member posts on the SCWW blog, expanded social networking, and member guests at board meetings.

I volunteered to begin work on a new chapter designed to include our unaffiliated Members at Large. It will be a virtual chapter and I am already working on my first letter to our forty one MAL’s. If you have any ideas or would like to work on this new group please feel free to contact me at:

Joanne Kelley, our new publicity chair, is full of wonderful ideas and plans for our social networking outlets. She will be increasing our presence on Twitter with a new hash tag, #myscww, designed to drive more traffic to our pages. She plans to revitalize the SCWW Facebook page, and recruit chapter/member contributions to the blog. If you have any questions or input for Joanne, you can contact her at: .

Michelle Ross will begin collecting data on member publications as a preliminary step towards establishing a collection. This idea came out of the discussion about members supporting other members by purchasing their works. This idea has not been put on the back burner but we hope to announce more about what the organization might do towards that need in the future. If you would like to talk to Michelle about this project her email is:

All of these new ideas plus planning for our contests, the publication of the Pettigrew Review, and of course, plans for the upcoming Conference when we return to Myrtle beach in October kept the meeting popping with energy. It is going to be an exciting year.

One last thing, I will be heading the Silent Auction committee and I’m looking for volunteers to help me in this important fundraising event at our annual conference. If you can help at the event, or in any way leading up to the event, please contact me. I will be calling on chapters very soon to start planning their baskets and other donations so look around at what you might be able to contribute to this effort. We had such a huge and successful auction in 2013 that we used up everything we had in storage and will need to replenish our stash of books, goodies, and basket making supplies. If you are out shopping in the next few weeks please look at the 70% off tables at local craft stores for baskets, ribbons, shreds, tissue and small items that are used to fill in and make great gift baskets and consider purchasing some of these items for a donation to the general fund of auction supplies. I’d sure appreciate your help and you can contact me for further instructions and ideas.

Hope you are all getting off to a good year of writing amazing stories, essays, poems, articles, and this year’s next best seller!

Teresa Burgher
SCWW Board of Directors
Silent Auction Chair

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  1. Steve Gordy says:

    I’m sure you remember that we used to get lots of agents and editors at the annual conference. Some of the biggest ticket silent auction items were critiques from these individuals. In today’s conditions, I don’t know what kind of attendance we can expect from the publishing community. Perhaps we should consider offering services (critiquing, manuscript polishing) at a reasonable charge throughout the year, not just via the silent auction.

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