New opportunities at the 2010 SCWW Conference

Registration for the 2010 SCWW Conference opens on Tuesday, June 1!

We’ve got a great faculty and we’ve added a new, exciting critique opportunity. This year, for the VERY FIRST TIME, we’ll be offering REAL-TIME QUERY. This is a one-on-one meeting with a faculty member. Here’s how it will work:

1. When you register for the conference, add REAL-TIME QUERY as one of your line items. These appointments will cost $25.
2. Polish your query letter. Make it zing and sing. We’ll spend lots of time on the blog talking about query letters. There may even be a contest or two.
3.  Bring a hard-copy of your one page query letter with you to the conference.
4. When you check-in at the registration desk, you will be given your appointment time. (Same process as regular critiques or pitch times.)
5. Meet your faculty member at the appointed time and place. You’ll hand over your fabulous query letter.
6. The faculty member, who will have had no prior introduction to your work, will read the query letter and offer feedback.
7. You will have the opportunity to interface with the faculty member and figure out how to improve your query letter before you begin the submissions process.

Lots of faculty members will be offering REAL-TIME QUERY appointments so be sure to check out the bios at

Find the perfect person to help you iron out the wrinkles and snag an agent.

Query letters are an important part of the journey to becomming a published author. What better way to learn how to perfect the irksome query letter?

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