Check Out the July Quill!

The July Quill
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Read the July and June Quills

The July Quill


june quill
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Submission Opportunities

Hi guys,

We’re back with some upcoming submission opportunities. Make sure to check the date on these. Some deadlines are a week away and some are the end of February.


The Pinch is a great little magazine. A friend of mine got contacted by an agent to see more work after she had a story in this magazine.

A contest for poets and prose writers:

If you write about the outdoors, this may be the journal for you:

Great little journal out of NYU:

Any place that pays for work is worth another look. See Wordrunner eChapbooks below:

I love Ninth Letter. And they pay well ~ $25/printed page.


Vestal Review is back! They were not accepting submissions for awhile. Nice to see this flash fiction stalwart back in business.

Another well respected flash journal.

This journal is looking for flash fiction ghost stories!


A journal looking for poems:

A residency contest for poets. Enter for a chance to win a ten day residency during Antioch’s MFA residency. Sounds amazing!

Chance for paid publication of a poetry chapbook:


Here’s one of the contests Jonathan Bohr Heinen told us about at the conference!

If you have a story collection ready, you may want to submit to this contest. Sarabande Books is a very well-respected and award-winning small press based in Louisville, KY.

Enter the first few pages of your novel!


Upstreet is another well-known, quality journal:

Why not shoot for the best in southern magazines? They’re open for submissions!

Before I sign off, I wanted to mention my feeling about submissions. I love submitting my work to literary magazines. In fact, I love it so much, I even love the rejections. What I realized at some point is that every rejection means I’m closer to an acceptance. I know that if I’m going to have anything accepted, getting rejected is part of the process.

Happy submitting, y’all, and good luck,




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The Quill-B, Edition 2, January 21, 2019

South Carolina Writers Association
Edition 2, January 21, 2019 Editors: Sue Cryer & Jayne Padgett Bowers

Dear SCWA Members:
Welcome to the second edition of The Quill-B!

Hopefully all of our members have already read the latest New Year themed Quill-B blog, penned by Jayne Padgett Bowers and titled Mine The Moments. In case you missed it, here is our website link

A copy of the first edition of the Quill-B containing member news is also now posted on our website under The Quill

If you have member news and have not seen it reflected on our website or in a Quill-B edition, please stay posted. A faster process for acquiring member news and posting submission opportunities is coming your way.


Camden Chapter

– Members Kathryn Etters Lovatt, Brenda Bevan Remmes, and Martha Dabbs Greenway have stories in Wild, Wonderful ‘n Wacky South Cackalacky: True Strories about life in South Carolina, a collection “written from the heart by the people who live here.” Lovatt, a Pushcart nominee and Carrie McCray award winner, contributed “A Bushel and a Peck;” Remmes, the author of three novels, wrote “The Painter,” a story that her group hopes she will expand into a novel; and Greenway’s piece, “A Day’s Journey,” is a proof positive that even day trips can be adventurous in South Carolina.
– Kathryn Etters Lovatt also has a poem, “Wash,” in The Rose in the World.
– Jayne Padgett Bowers has an essay titled “Shouldering On” in Teach. Write.: A Writing Teacher’s Literary Journal.

Columbia II Chapter

– Bonnie Stanards’s poem “In the Shade of Cherry Trees” is published online in the January issue of The American Journal of Poetry. The poem touches on language and its corruption by Washington, DC. The link to The American Journal of Poetry is Her poem, “The Sensuals of Living in the South” was a finalist for the 2018 Rash Award in Poetry sponsored by the Broad River Review, a literary journal of Gardner-Webb University. ( The poem will appear in Volume 51 of the Broad River Review.

David Maring’s latest book, Zimbabwe Falcon, has been reviewed by Mid-West Book Review, Visit David’s website for more information on all seven of his published works

2019 will be a year of continued change for TPR. Please stay tuned for more member opportunities and news on TPR.
For now, please note the following corrections/additions or the 2018/19 edition:
– The author of the novel first chapter first place winner is Candace J. Carter.
– The author of the poetry third place winner is June Freeman Baswell.

Pushcart Nominations:
Vivian Bikulege Cuttings NF
Kathryn Etters Lovatt Chains Fic
Allen Guest Nick’s Bar Poetry
Bob Strother Pink Tree NF
Tibby Plants Retirement Fic
Marcie Behm-Bultz The Maori Believe that Man Is Eating the Ice Poetry

You will find hard copies and kindle editions of current and past editions of The Petrigru Review at

Access the on-line version of TPR at

Thank you for your time. We look forward to serving you, our SCWA membership, in 2019.

Never forget the power of a quill!

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