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Sunrise, Looking Ahead

Sunrise, Looking Ahead

Hopefully by now you are aware that SCWW has had some problems lately. There was a financial strain (now happily resolved!) and the decision was made to postpone our usual Myrtle Beach Conference to 2014 and hold a one-day symposium instead.

You may not be aware that while the board has been grappling with these issues, a number of key board members are retiring, some after many years of service. What you may not realize is that if no one steps up to pitch in and help, SCWW may cease to exist.

Well, you might say, SCWW is all very well and good, but it hasn’t helped me sell a single book. But is that the only reason to belong to SCWW? What about becoming a better writer? What about meeting other writers who understand the heartbreak of rejection. What about a friend to cheer when you get an acceptance, someone who really gets what a big deal that is?

I accepted my board position because I felt SCWW had helped me in many ways and I wanted to give something back. The people I met in Myrtle Beach were enthusiastic, welcoming and helpful. I felt like I had found my team and I was ready to get in there and work to make the organization great. And I think it is great.

So, why is no one coming forward to serve and to help? I spend an average of about an hour a week as SCWW Publicity Coordinator. Could you spare an hour?

And guess what? I have learned a bunch about marketing and publicity doing this job. And I hope to have a book to sell someday. So, helping SCWW is actually helping me too. When I send out queries, I mention my board position. When I retire, I will keep that in and it will continue to help me. Agents and editors like to see that you’re active in your local organization because, you guessed it, it helps sell books, it’s part of your platform.

So, how about it? Who’s got an extra hour to share with SCWW? Who wants to sell more books?

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2 Responses to Please Help!

  1. I’m willing to offer help to keep SCWW going. I really value what I have learned at the Cola III meetings. I really like our groups format of sharing and critiquing. I am not now and may never be a “published” author, so selling books and working with agents and editors is really not my interest.

  2. Beth Browne says:

    Thank you, Sherry!! We have plenty of opportunities right now. May I use your email to contact you about what might be a good fit?

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