2018 has arrived! Welcome to it!

There is a lot of thought put forth at the start of a new year. Big plans and resolutions are being considered. As we head into late January, some of those big ideas have already gone by the way side. Maybe the solution is not to have too many plans at all. Just let it all come upon us naturally.

Sure, there are events we must plan for. Work schedules, vacations, weddings, anniversaries and the like. Many other little things will pop up out of nowhere with no planning involved at all. The things we thought we were going to do may not end up happening at all. The trips to the gym, for instance.

The good part about not planning for too much is that we are not disappointed when plans fall apart. The best part is that we will have more free time to do the unexpected. With that in mind, consider this list as a keepsake of things to do for those times when plans fall through and time is on your side:

1.     Take a walk.

2.     Watch an old movie on TV.

3.     Learn how to knit.

4.     Call someone you miss.

5.     Go somewhere you have never been before, even if it is five minutes away.

6.     Read a whole book in one day.

7.     Clean out a drawer.

8.     Join a class (even an exercise class…ok, maybe pottery).

9.     Finish a crossword puzzle or any puzzle.

10.  Write a story, poem, or journal entry. Maybe even start a novel.

If you have never done any of these things, now is your chance. If number ten is already high on your list, South Carolina Writers Association will give you plenty of opportunities to explore your writing talents this year.

Visit SCWA at our website, Facebook page, or one of our many state-wide chapters.

Please keep your eyes and ears open to all the possibilities coming your way. Or you can go to the gym.

Your choice!


Sue Cryer is the Blog Writer for The SCWA Board of Directors and a member of the Chapin Chapter. She is also a Freelance Writer who formerly worked as a Newspaper Correspondent and Feature Writer for news media in NY and MA.











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