Publishers seeking material


Incentive Publications, Inc. publishes teacher resource materials.
We publish no fiction. If you have a manuscript that you think
would be suitable for our needs, you may send: a letter of
introduction; a table of contents; a sample chapter; and a self-
addressed stamped envelope. If you would like your materials
returned to you, please include an envelope large enough to hold
the materials and with sufficient return postage. We make every
effort to reply within 6-8 weeks.



If you have an idea for a book, we’d like to hear about it. At
Gryphon House, our goal is to publish books that help teachers
and parents enrich the lives of children from birth through age
eight. We strive to make our books useful for teachers at all
levels of experience, as well as for parents, caregivers, and
anyone interested in working with children.

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