Screwing the Pooch

A unique collection and a first in short story compilation. Pooch won the Readers Favorite Gold Medal for best fiction of 2009. A New Revised Edition for 2013 is available. This collection will fit all genre palates. Murder, Mystery, Romance, Drama, Suspense, Thriller, Coming of Age and Horror. Screwing the Pooch is written in everyday language we all understand. The title of the book might throw you off, but its message hits home. Have you craved revenge on those who harmed you or a loved one? When do we cross the line and take action? When is the pain too much to bear? Is retaliation always an answer? Pooch will make you laugh and cry and fill you with hope. But it may make you angry, too. In the end, it will show you why human beings do what we do. Screwing the Pooch is a must for your bookshelf.

You can buy Screwing the Pooch here.

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