SCWW Conference Faculty Guest Post: Joan Y. Edwards

“Do You Need a Special Writer’s Hat?” by Joan Y. Edwards


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I’ve heard that a writer needs a special hat to wear when he is writing. Do you wear a special hat to write? Do you think you need one?

Would a hard hat deflect the arrows of negative words of rejection from your inner self?

Perhaps you need a bullet-proof helmet and vest to filter negative criticism. However, it might not only filter out negative criticism, but it would stop the good words and wonderful emotions from others to get through to you, too. Even when you wear a bullet-proof vest, the impact of those negatively charged bullets may knock you off your feet.

May I suggest surrounding your head with a Transformer Shield that filters the words of rejection and criticism and translates them into words to better yourself and reach your goal. It transforms the negative words into words of inspiration and encouragement. It fills you with words, beliefs, and desires that spur actions filled with hope and energy that keep you going and growing stronger and more skillful in your personal and writing skills.

Just because one person says something bad, it doesn’t make it true. It is one only person’s opinion. It does not make the statement a fact for you…unless you believe it. If your negative words and actions and those of others are put into the Transformer Shield and stirred in with God’s graces and blessings, they come out in words and actions that mold you into a stronger person and a better writer.

Just like a character in one of your books, you have inner and outer conflicts getting to your publication goal. Keep a journal. Write down your feelings and body reactions to the comments of editors and agents. Then put negative thoughts into the antagonists in your stories. Delete any comment you do not believe 100%. Let it go.

Drop it down the black hole transformer. It will filter it so that it does not bother you. Many times when someone criticizes us, it stops us in our tracks. We stop working on that story. Using these two transformers, you’ll be empowered. Ideas will bubble up from within you or you’ll find a book, a person, or an idea somewhere you least suspect. You will be published.

One publisher says, “This doesn’t meet our needs.” Don’t take it that this is the end. Even if this is the 100th rejection you’ve had. Believe that there is a publisher for your story. This publisher is looking for you. Search and you will find it.

Look for a publisher of similar books and explain in your query letter how your book has a clever twist to it.

One editor says, “The market for this book is too small. We won’t make any money on it, therefore we won’t print it.” Believe there is a small publisher or magazine editor who will take a chance on your small niche publication. Even furnishing a need for a small niche can have thousands of potential readers. It can make more money than anyone ever imagined from it. Search and you will find it.

Find a special hat, scarf, or sweater to wear that helps you believe more in yourself. What I really want you to do whether you like wearing a hat or not is to believe in yourself and your stories even when no one else does. Believe in yourself and your writing no matter what anyone else says. Believe in yourself and your stories no matter what your circumstances are. Treasure your stories. Clothing may make the man, but inner belief, writing skills, perseverance, and determination make the story. Hone your skills. Keep writing. Keep submitting. You will be published again and again.

I hope I’ve encouraged you. However, if you still feel you need a bullet-proof vest and helmet, read the article “How Can A Bullet-Proof Vest Stop a Bullet?” by Richard M. J. Renneboog and check out the helmets at


I look forward to meeting you at the SCWW Conference, October 24-26, 2014. I am teaching three classes:


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  1. Sunday Class: “How to Add Pizzazz to your Blog” Advanced Blogging with Q & A Class during Session 8 9:30-10:45 am


You don’t have to be a member to attend. Please register and join us there.

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Never Give Up

Joan Y. Edwards


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7 Responses to SCWW Conference Faculty Guest Post: Joan Y. Edwards

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Great post Joan. I like the idea of having an outer symbol as a reminder to have faith.

  2. Dear Readers,
    Thank you for reading this post. I hope you’ll come to the conference!

    Smile today. You look so pretty when you smile.
    Never Give Up

  3. Linda Andersen says:

    The transformer shield that surrounds your head and the black hole transformer caught my attention. Turning something negative into something positive sounds like a good way to stay motivated to write or complete other challenges. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Keep wearing your lovely smile no matter what hat you choose.

  4. Dear Mary,
    Thanks for writing. I’m glad you like the idea of having an outer symbol as a reminder to have faith in you and your goals. What symbol do you choose?
    Smile. Giggle. Laugh.
    Celebrate you.
    Never Give Up

  5. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for writing. I am glad you like the transformer shield that surrounds your head to protect you from negative thoughts, words, and actions of others and the black hole transformer that will transform your thoughts, words, and actions into positive mode!

    Thank you for being my loyal friend and following me wherever I go online.

    Enjoy your journey!
    Never Give Up

  6. Karen Cioffi says:

    Joan, great post. Nice imagery of protecting yourself and using a black hole transformer!

  7. Dear Karen,
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it very much. I’m glad you liked the imagery of protecting yourself and using a black hole transformer! Mine needs a few repairs here and there. LOL.

    I am so glad that I know you.

    Never Give Up

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