SCWW Conference Faculty Guest Post: Linda Lovely

Linda Lovely

Making Sound Decisions on Audiobooks


I’m delighted to be serving on the audiobook panel, “Hearing Books, Seeing Profits,” at the 2014 South Carolina Writers Workshop Conference, October 24-26, in Myrtle Beach.

Because the members of this panel bring very unique perspectives to the topic, I expect to learn a great deal from our exchange. Let’s meet the members.

 Karen White-Veteran Professional Narrator

Karen has recorded more than 175 audiobooks since 1999. During the 2012/ 2013 time frame, she was honored in Audiofile’s Best Voices and Speaking of Audio’s Best Romance Audio picks. She is also an Audie Finalist. Many reviewers of romance audiobooks automatically listen in to any title she narrates. A former Hollywood actress, Karen records in her home studio and turns post-production tasks over to fellow professionals.

Count on Karen to:

  • Explain what goes into professional narration
  • Audio production options beyond Amazon-ACX
  • Working within the Traditional Publishing System

Elliott Walsh-Recent Entry Into Audiobook Narration

Elliott is a doctor, who provides laser vision services to soldiers. But, because he loves the theater and acting, he now works with independent authors, small publishers and ACX to do something he loves—narrate audiobooks. His professional credentials include training at Boston University School of Dramatic Arts, The New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, and the Performing Arts Foundation of Huntington, NY.


Count on Elliott to:

  • Offer his views (based on studying many audiobooks) about what it takes for an audiobook to climb from average to superior
  • Answers to technical questions about recording spaces, recording and editing techniques, and simple gear setups at relatively low cost

 Sharon Woods Hopkins-Fearless Author Who’s Recorded Her Own Book

Author Sharon Woods Hopkins has three award-winning mysteries to her credit: Killerwatt, Killerfind, and Killertrust. She and her author (former judge) husband Bill Hopkins are the owners of Deadly Writes Publishing, LLC. Unafraid of new challenges, Sharon decided to narrate Killkerwatt, the first book in her “killer” series.


Count on Sharon to:

  • Provide pros and cons of becoming an author-narrator
  • Tips for making the best DIY version possible

 Me (Linda Lovely)-Author Who Used ‘Matchmaker’ Service To Find Narrator

I’ve written two Marley Clark Mysteries—Dear Killer and No Wake Zone—and two novels, Dead Line and Dead Hunt in my Smart Women, Dumb Luck romantic thriller series. Through ACX (Amazon’s Author Creation Exchange), I found narrator K.C. Cowan, who has been a delightful collaborator. K.C.’s narrated three of my novels and will soon narrate the fourth on a royalty split basis.


Count on me to:

  • Describe how to navigate the ACX matchmaker matrix
  • Discuss the tools I use to help my narrator share my vision


Of course, we’ll all have much more to say and will be happy to answer all of your questions about audiobook production. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.


If you want to listen in to samples of our audiobooks, you can visit and use the search feature to search on our names. (There’s a Karen White author as well as a Karen White narrator, so be sure to look for “Narrated by Karen White” when you search on her name.)


For more information, visit my website:


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