Secret Diary

Its 3:46 A.M. and I’m sitting in my recliner pecking away on my laptop. Assigned the task of producing a thought-provoking article for our organizational website, I plod along, deleting more words than I allow to remain. The import of what I am doing an ever present burden, I write thoughts that will be read, or at least looked over, by several people, maybe even four.
I’m supposed to be writing a blog. Even old people, such as I, know what a blog is; it’s a web log. Why it’s not called a web log, welog, wlog, web message, or online diary is less clearly understood. I think I’ll title this one SECRET DIARY, probably not though, wouldn’t want to disappoint so many when they learn there’s no sex in it, but then again. Grammar police– If you think, the second sentence of this paragraph should read “old people like me” take it up with Elvis Presley, he sang “a fool such as I” and you didn’t ding him for that.
In my previous blog, I wrote of the enormous possibilities for dissemination of information through social media. I thought I was leading a charge of well-educated people into a new and exciting way of promoting one’s writing.
 Since then, I’ve learned many literate people don’t even check their email regularly. Many don’t FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, or even Link In. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion some intelligent people don’t have cable, broadband, or Wi-Fi in their homes and might not turn on their computers for days at a time! I’ve even heard of a person who still uses a typewriter and pen and paper to write! They don’t use smart phones, Ipads, or Kindles! How do I deal with such an astounding revelation? I must admit, I went through a stage of denial when first confronted with this information. This couldn’t be, not in 2012!
Then I made a discovery that might explain this situation. Libraries and bookstores still exist. People actually go to them, physically, to borrow or buy books. Theaters still exist and people visit them to watch movies. How Quaint!
The literary world is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Some reside in the old, others in the new, and, as always, many haven’t a clue. Who am I to judge which is the better milieu?

I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see the apex of the pendulum swing into modernity. Maybe I should just play it as it lays and do the best I can by interacting with those who use technology; oh, and not use as many clichés and metaphors.

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