Silent Auction Update! Claire Iannini, Silent Auction Chair

Our committee wants to extend a special thank you to our chapter leaders who are in the process of building baskets that will be up for bid at the silent auction.  Chapter prizes will be awarded:

FIRST PRIZE:   One (1) free registration/complete conference package – to the chapter whose basket/items total the most money collected at the auction (to be used by conference participant in 2013).

SECOND PRIZE:   A critique appointment – for one (1) standard MS, one (1) pitch, and one (1) query letter – to the chapter whose basket/items total the second most money collected at the auction (to be used by conference participant(s) in 2013).


Conference Attendees – Please Note:  Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better.


Word on the street is that some savvy groups are acquiring ONE costly and classy item that might hold one book and/or journal, or to hold beauty products, or to hold movie tickets.  As a matter of fact, the latest chatter is that one or more chapters might not consider any type of basket at all, but rather – an envelope – or a small box.  Hmmm, the old adage about the best gifts coming in small packages!

Whatever our chapters finally decide – just as in a good book – they’ve got our attention, and they are leaving us wanting to know more.  After all – anticipation is everything!  So bring that extra money you’ve socked away for the conference because we promise to meet your expectations.

FIRST PEEK WAS:  A Get-A-Way:  A Day Sail on a Sailboat on the Pamlico River, N.C.

SECOND PEEK IS:    A Chapter Basket Theme:  Romancing Your Muse

 A beautiful flower-toting-type basket with just about every kind of romancing imaginable tucked inside:  Chocolate, light romance books, wine bottles, wine glasses, bottle of Australian Classic Tawny, Chocolate, candle holders, candles, romance ‘writing’ books, vase and flowers, Italian Soap to English Body Gel to Miracle Bubbles, Homemade Jams and Jellies, Honey, Relishes, Salsa, dark romance books, romantic movies, dreamy music, theatre tickets to the Blumenthal, Chocolate, a cozy throw – AND MORE – oh, did I mention – Chocolate!

This item is obviously for a special occasion – or – just because!

 So Remember: while attending extraordinary sessions on Friday, or workshops and appointments throughout the weekend, find the time to browse and bid on the many baskets, large and small, displayed at the silent auction within the Exhibit Hall.  The bidding opens at 9 a.m., Friday, October 19th and does not end until 9:15 a.m. on Sunday, October 21st.

Want to register?  Go to SCWW website –  If you have questions, or want to make a donation to the silent auction, please email  We’re looking forward to seeing you – browsing and bidding – at the conference.

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3 Responses to Silent Auction Update! Claire Iannini, Silent Auction Chair

  1. Jim McFarlane says:

    The combined Greenvulle/Greenville East chapter, which won the competition last year, has decided to make a cash contribnution instead of baskets this year and thus give another chapter a chance to win in 2012.

  2. Kia says:

    Fantastic teaser, Claire!

  3. Just like a good jacket blurb-just a tease that makes one want to look further! I can’t wait to see the lots filling the hall on October. Great job Claire and Silent Auction Committee.

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