Silent Auction

This will be a challenge among individuals and chapters to see who will get the most tickets for their silent auction item(s) and/or basket (If two or more items are sent, the number of tickets for each item will be added together).

The auction works like thisA number will be taped to each item and there will be a corresponding cup with that number at the ticket table. Participants can then use any tickets they purchase to take a chance on winning that corresponding item–the more tickets you buy, the more chances of winning. A volunteer will be selling tickets throughout the weekend. The cost will be $ 5.00 for five (5) tickets, $10.00 for eleven (11) tickets, or $20.00 for twenty-five (25) tickets. The donated item that has the most tickets in its cup at the close of the conference wins a free conference package to our next conference. If a chapter wins this prize, they should decide among themselves who gets to attend.

Chapters: It would be best to send your item(s) and/or basket with a representative from your group who is attending the conference. However, if that is not possible, please get in touch with me (my contact information is below) and the Conference Chair or Co-Chair will arrange for someone to come and pick up the auction item if it is at all possible.


You can feel good about the donation and write it off on your taxes since SCWA is a 501(c) company. It’s a great thing to know that you will help to offset the costs of the 2017 ‘Big Dream’ Conference.


Please send pictures of your baskets if possible to post online. It just might help you win the free ticket for next year. And it will make you feel good to show off your handiwork.

 Send images to either


Only if all other means to transport the the basket have been exhausted.

Request a pick up through Jayne Bowers, Silent Auction Manager, at