Devin: A rock star with a political conscience. At the height of his career, he appears to have everything–money, fame, respect from his peers. Yet, the people closest to him know Devin O’Keefe is a man haunted by a painful past growing up in Northern Ireland. Everyone he has loved, he has lost, either by a bullet, betrayal or the sheer drudgery of life in Derry’s Bogside ghetto. Devin’s life is his career. There is no room for love…until he meets Fonda. Fonda: An American photo-journalist commissioned to do a pictorial on Devin’s U.S. tour. Although a child of America’s heartland, Fonda is no stranger to violence. A sniper’s bullet has taken the life of her twin brother just weeks after Fonda’s two-year romance with a Swedish editor crumbles. Devastated by her loss and hardened by life’s cold reality, Fonda has thrown herself into her career at Spotlight Magazine with a single-minded intensity. But when Devin enters her life and slowly allows her glimpses of the real Devin beneath the rock-star hype, she discovers that idealism is not dead…that there is hope in a world full of cynicism. Two worlds collide when Devin and Fonda meet, setting off an explosion filled with passion, intrigue and danger as forces from Devin’s Republican past converge to thwart his new-found happiness. Will he be forced to give up his career to protect the woman he loves from the evils of his past? Or will the violence of Northern Ireland’s troubles destroy their love for each other–and perhaps their very lives?

“Last year, Carole Bellacera proved that she was a talent to watch. Now she is back in a big way, with another timely, emotional and thought provoking story. Ireland’s troubled history plays a key role in this totally gripping drama.”–Jill Smith, Romantic Times Top Pick, 4 1/2 stars.

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