Tatty, the Lonely Monarch

Published by Prose Press 9/14

“Tatty” is a chapter book for ages 7 to 10, but is also appropriate to read to younger children. In “Tatty” a small, tattered Monarch butterfly can’t keep up with other Monarchs during their winter migration to Mexico.  She meets a bee, a chickadee, and a hummingbird who offer her help in her quest to migrate. After a dangerous adventure, she joins a group of other butterflies who migrate to the Gulf coast.  The illustrations are stunning original watercolors.  Photos of butterflies and plants and information about monarchs, milkweed and migration are included in the end notes.
The Midwest Book Review said, ” In addition to accurately presented educational information about butterflies and their habits, ‘Tatty, The Monarch Butterfly’ has a powerful theme message of encouragement to be brave and do your best, even if you are challenged. ‘Tatty, The Lonely Monarch’ is a faultlessly researched and presented nature story with a valuable moral.”

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