Thank you from Sorche Fairbank, Fairbank Literary Representation

I want to extend a quick and heartfelt thanks once again for inviting me to be a part of your conference. I participate in six to eight conferences each year, and while I almost always enjoy them and find them worthwhile, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to one that left this much of an impression on me. It was top notch all around, both for presenters and for attendees. Truly, not many conferences have such heart and and soul, professionalism, and value. Your selection of speakers / agents/ faculty was fabulous (even I left energized!), the attendees were open to suggestions and very eager to learn, there was a feeling of respect and excitement over being in the world of books and writing — and none or very little of the doom and gloom that is present at so many conferences. And of course the meals were excellent, and the location was as well. I only wish we could have stuck to our original plan to stay for an extra few days.

PS: And I should add that I loved the Real Time Query appointments. A great way for attendees to pitch, but to also leave there with hopefully a more effective query.

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