That’s a Wrap!

It’s that time of year again. The 2012 conference is over. I’m almost fully rested and almost back on my normal schedule. At this point I’m doing a mental wrap-up of the event. This year people were having fun learning new things about the craft and the business of writing as well as connecting with other writers.

If you were there you probably enjoyed the wonderful weather we had. How great is it that we had temps in the 70s and 80s each day? It was great for walking along the shore or just sitting poolside when there was free time.

You probably got to meet Patti Callahan Henry, she’s such a warm and down-to-earth person it’s easy to see why she has so many fans. She has one in me now. Thanks for joining us this year, Patti!

The sessions were terrific. I met lots of people who said they had changed their approach based on the lessons they learned in the social media and pitch courses. Raves were heard far and wide about our Book Pregnant panel. McKendree Long and Fred Fields became rock stars over the course of the conference. All of the faculty members were spoken of highly by our attendees.

It was all wonderful: the weather, the food, the faculty and every person who joined us for the weekend.

This event doesn’t get off the ground without a lot of people backing us up. I can’t list them all here, but I really appreciate all their hard work, support and patience. You helped to make this weekend successful.

Thanks again and we’ll see you in 2013!!



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2 Responses to That’s a Wrap!

  1. Beth Browne says:

    It was a fantastic time. Thanks so much for all your hard work, Kia!!

  2. Michele Rybak says:

    I want to thank Ginny Padgett for helping me out and getting me through everything I was going through. You are one special lady and I thank you for your patience, help and understanding. I learned so much from that conference that I am now writing two books: I’m continuing my contemporary women’s fiction book and decided that a non-fiction book called “But You Don’t Look Sick” about people with diseases that don’t show symptoms that other’s would notice and are shocked when they find out you MS or some other disease. All because of the workshops I took at the Conference. For someone who has been writing for years, I know am getting serious about it. Next year, I will either do a 30 page critique or a pitch. I can’t wait and wish October would come a lot sooner!

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