Comfort Zone

By Sue Cryer

(With the deadline to register for The “Big Dream” Conference quickly approaching on Monday, October 16, we are delighted to continue our introduction of some of the attending faculty.) 



Dr. Kate Gale is a woman you will want to meet. Not only is she the author of seven books of poetry, Dr. Gale is co- founder and Managing Editor of the Red Hen Press in Los Angeles, CA. She is also Editor of the Los Angeles Review and teaches in the Low Residency MFA program at the University of Nebraska in Poetry, Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction. *

If those attributes are not impressive enough, you may want to learn more from Kate with her answers to some of the questions from the South Carolina Writers Association pre-conference faculty questionnaire.

How did her environment shape her writing?

“I grew up in a cult in the woods, so when I got out, I was ready to write some stories,” explained Dr. Gale.

What did you wish you did better when you first began writing?

When I first began writing, I wanted to write myself out of the story I found myself in, and I discovered you could. I wrote myself from invisible strange little person to someone who literally jumps off cliffs.

Are you a seat-of-the-pants writer or an A-Z outliner?

I love seat of my pants. I live seat of my pants. But if I am going to finish a book, I need an outline and sometimes even doing a final edit of a book requires some plan.

When do you write best, and in what kind of setting is your ideal writing space?

I like sitting in our library with a laptop, but I can write anywhere that’s quiet. But, it needs to be in the morning. After about 4pm, my brain goes off for a walk. I don’t know where it goes, but when I wake, there it is again. I should check what it’s doing in the missing hours.

Where are your ideas born from? Do they just pop into your heads? Or does something normally inspire them?

Literally the gravel in my shoe, my eye, my life. Stuff that bothers me is what begins a story and then I have to find the characters and what they want to do. But, ideas start, oyster like, with the thing that’s wrong and I can’t let go. It starts weaving into a story.

Dr. Gale’s most recent books on poetry include The Goldilocks Zone and Echo Light, winner of the Red Mountain Editor’s Award.  A further look into Dr. Gale’s author page will direct you to her blog page, which is updated regularly and boasts more than one and one-half million hits. Her most popular post, (What makes us feel comfortable around certain  people and not others?), provides life-affirming lists and some re-assuring comfort-zone reminders

Monday, October 16, is the last day to register for the conference. Please take some time to visit our website this weekend, and check out the impressive list of workshops and activities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore your comfort-zone while meeting some incredibly talented thought-provoking people, including Dr. Gale and the rest of our fine faculty.

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Sue Cryer is the Blog Writer for The SCWA Board of Directors and a member of the Chapin Chapter. She is also a Freelance Writer who formerly worked as a  Newspaper Correspondent and Feature Writer for news media in NY and MA.













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