The Mullahs

Few know of the ancient rumors concerning an original manuscript of the Book of Revelation. The powers on earth struggle to possess it in order to pursue their own objectives to the detriment of their enemies. They secretly watch as Professor William “Bill” Weston excavates the tomb of John the Apostle.

Bill’s fiancee, Rachael Goldstein, who is the director of a trust dedicated to proving the accuracy of the Bible, is stalked by a satanic cult and flees to join Bill at the excavation site. The cult looks forward to Armageddon. They hope a nuclear confrontration in the Middle East will gather the kingdoms of earth to Meggido. While Iran schemes to bring a return of the Persian Empire, an African-American President prepares his country to meet the forces that threaten Western Civilization. At the same time, evil ones conspire to remove his steady hand.

The Mullahs is a book of political intrigue; a thrilling, biblical power struggle that could very well spell disaster for the world as we know it!

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