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2018 The Petigru Review Authors


  • “The Maori Believe that Man is Eating the Ice” by Marcie Behm-Bultz
  • “Broken Dams  and Benedictions” by Allen Guest
  • “The Kingfisher” by Allen Guest
  • “Covent Garden” by Michael Lythgoe
  • “Circling the Ginkgo Tree” by Michale Lythgoe

 Short Fiction 

  • “Cedar Revenge” by Barbara Evers
  • “Feel the Music” by Laura Lanni 
  • “Retirement” by Trilby Plants
  • “Casey’s Alley” by Bob Strother

 Creative Non-fiction

  • “Believing that Never Was” by Kathryn Etters Lovatt
  • “But for Chance” by Bob Strother

Flash Fiction 

  • “Copy Errors” by Bob Lackey
  • “Lost” by Trilby Plants 
  • “Rhythm Man” by Jay Sauls
  • “Slight of Hand” by Bob Strother

About The Petigru Review

The South Carolina Writers Association (SCWA), formerly the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop (SCWW), began The Petigru Review ten years ago as a forum to give its members a journal in which to publish their best works. Every edition obtains guest judges who select the most polished pieces for publication.

The Petigru Review Editors:

Editor Adrienne Mathues
Vice Editor Jayne Bowers 

2016 The Petigru Review Anniversary Issue

TPR -cover

In keeping with The Petigru Review‘s view and vision of building up and empowering writers, as well as showcasing the talent of our members and The Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Award winners, we are proud to announce a positive Kirkus Review for our 2016 The Petigru Review Anniversary Issue. Kirkus Review is a trusted reviewer in the industry publishing over 10,000 independent and unbiased reviews every year of the most notable books published in the industry, including those by the nation’s top publishers, so we are extremely excited that The Petigru Review scored so favorably.

Read what  Kirkus said about the 2016 The Petigru Review Anniversary Issue Here.

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The Petigru Review – Submission Guidelines

Open reading period: April 1 through May 31 each year.

The Petigru Review will feature four (4) genres:

  • Short Fiction – 3,000 word limit.
  • Creative Nonfiction –  3,000 words limit.
  • Flash Fiction – up to two (2) flash pieces, 700 word limit for each.
  • Poetry – up to three (3) poems, not to exceed 80 lines in total.

Required Information

The author’s name, address, email, or any identifying features must not appear anywhere on the manuscript(s), including in the body of the work.

All submissions must follow standard manuscript formatting: 12 point Times New Roman font, auto-indents for paragraphs, and be double spaced, except for poetry which can be spaced according to the author’s choice.

The title and page number must appear on every page of the submission.

Please include an author biography of up to 100 words in your cover letter.

Rules & Rights

All submissions must be previously un-published. If you work has appeared in any capacity in print or online (such as self-publishing to blogs, message boards, and/or Facebook or any other place where it can be viewed publicly) we will not be able to accept it.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but the editors request you inform them if the work is accepted elsewhere.

Multiple submissions are welcome and encouraged.

SCWA retains first-time print publication rights until the anthology is published, after which the rights revert back to the author. The Petigru Review also reserves e-book rights for the anthology only. SCWA solicits authors’ non-exclusive first internet archival rights for online archiving.

The Petigru Review section of the anthology is only open to SCWA members whose membership dues are paid and in good standing. If interested in becoming a member of SCWA, go to our “Join Us” page. New members are always welcome and there are many other benefits besides submitting to the journal. 

Any entry that fails to comply with any of the guidelines mentioned above or adhere to our manuscript formatting guidelines will be disqualified. 

Response Time

Submitters generally receive a response by the late summer. Publication date is late fall, during the annual conference. 


All entries are read blind. Judges, or anyone associated with the judge may not enter the contest.  Judges are  prohibited from scoring works they have seen in any capacity previously or for authors which work(s) they may recognize. If this happens, the judge will be forced to disqualify that submission regardless of the quality of the piece




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