The Power of the Written Word

Yesterday I attended my mother’s nuclear family’s Christmas get-together. There are six siblings; their parents have been gone for over 35 years. This year their number was down by one very important member – their baby brother who lost his battle with brain cancer earlier in the year.

Before the meal, my mother read a story she had written about an incident from their childhood. I enjoyed looking around the room while my mother read to see her siblings nodding in agreement and even interrupting with exclamations of veracity. They were transported to another time and place.

The conclusion of my mother’s reading met with applause and thanks. When she said she had copies for everyone, delight shown on all their faces. Hers was a gift that was the right size, color, and appreciated.

We write, write, write to perfect our craft…to reach our goal of publication…to have an impact on the world. Yesterday reminded me that all writing matters, not the size of your audience.

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