The Quill: Submission Opportunities and the Writing Life

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I’m excited to bring The Quill to you in a new format. The newsletter was limiting because it never allowed me to dive into specific topics. I’d want to offer a slew of upcoming events or submission opportunities, but there was so much other information that it just wouldn’t fit. I’ll be sending out more Quill updates, but they’ll be more specific. This week’s topic is submission opportunities.


Many literary journals open in late summer and early fall for submissions, so I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about some helpful sites which list submissions openings.

  • The Master’s Review is a great organization to get updates from. They’ve got great contests for emerging writers and send out a list of contests and submission opportunities every month.
  • One of my new favorite writer websites is CRAFT. Not only do they accept rolling fiction submissions, they also take articles about the writing craft. The stories they look for showcase an element of craft, whether it’s setting, point of view or structure. They’ve also got some upcoming contests, so check them out.
  • When I’m looking for submissions to send out to you, I also go to New Pages. What I like about New Pages, is that it includes journals that go beyond “literary” writing. For our SCWA members who are writing mystery, fantasy, horror, etc…, New Pages is a great website to search when you’re looking for places to send a finished piece.
  • Literistic offers a free list of places to submit to every month. They also offer a more extensive list to paid members. You can sign up for their monthly “shortlist” to get a taste of what they offer. I like that they offer fellowship and grant opportunities in addition to literary journals.
  • This gargantuan list from Entropy includes presses accepting full-length manuscripts as well as journals, grants, fellowships, etc… It’s pretty exhaustive and takes awhile to go through. I’ve also found some great journals to subscribe to through this list.
  • If you’re a visual person, you might like the submissions calendar provided by Poets and Writers. This shows submissions by deadline.


Some articles I’ve been reading about writing are below.

This short essay in CRAFT says a lot about a hook. When I was just starting to write, I thought a great hook could be encompassed in the opening line of a piece, but it’s so much more than that. Read more here:

Need writing advice? James Baldwin is here to help. There are some major gems here.

Ruminate’s blog this month has a great article about the narrator within us, which becomes the writer.

Member News and Upcoming Events will be posted next week. If you’ve got some news you’d like to share, please let your chapter leader know or email

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  1. Terresa says:

    Very nice job, Amber, and very nice writing, too!

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