The Reward for Patience Is… Martha Greenway

When I was told that the reward for patience is more patience, I must admit I experienced a bit of impatient disappointment.  I once lived in an area with drawbridges and for a while my daily schedule could have involved waiting for these three drawbridges to activate eight times, turning or rising up ever so slowly so that whatever was passing through — be it a barge loaded with garbage or one of these million-dollar-a-foot yachts — could continue its journey on the intracoastal waterway.  It never happened, but it could have, and it was something to think about while waiting on more than one occasion for a water vehicle to take the right away over a mere car or truck.


I’m sure that the writers who entered the 2012 Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Awards competition are feeling impatient now.  Well, take heart, it is almost time.  The nine judges have the entries and are to turn in their scores and choices for first and second places to the S. C. Arts Commission by July 2nd.  They will score on content (creativity and originality), structure (grammar and mechanics) and style (story arc, aesthetics success, cohesion).  The “scorekeepers” at the Arts Commission tell us they will have the final tabulations by July 16.


You will be notified no later than July 20 if you have won publication in The Petigru Review and a full scholarship to the 2012 SCWW Conference or a free 30-page twenty minute critique.






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