The Scandal of Lady Eleanor (Book 1 of the Realm Series)

A master at capturing the elegance, grandeur, and literary style of the Regency era, Jeffers has developed a loyal following with her many popular Jane Austen spin-off novels. In The Scandal of Lady Eleanor, Jeffers offers a completely original Regency romance featuring highly engaging characters and exciting—even shocking—plot twists. James Kerrington, a future Earl and a key member of the British government’s secret unit, the Realm, never expected to find love again after the loss of his beloved wife. Kerrington’s world shifts on its axis when Eleanor Fowler stumbles into his arms. Eleanor, however, is hiding a deep secret: she had hoped the death of her father, the Duke of Thornhill, would provide her family redemption from the dark past, but when Sir Louis Levering can prove her father’s debauchery, Eleanor is thrown into a web of blackmail.

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