There’re Going Like Hot Cakes!

By Carrie McCullough

The deadline for submitting work for a critique from a conference faculty member is September 1, and appointments are going fast. And yes, you do have to be registered for the conference to purchase critique, pitch, and query appointments. Here’s what is and is not still available.

Frenkel – extended critique
Plummer – standard (didn’t offer extended)

2 Baker – Baughman standard critiques
3 LaPolla – Real-Time Queries
1 Barr – Pitch
4 Barr – Extended critiques
2 Jeglinski – Extended critiques
2 Henkin – Standard critiques
3 O’Neil – Standard critiques
3 Sun – Pitches
4 Sun – Real-Time Queries

For the most up-to-date and accurate answers to your appointment questions, read the September issue of the Quill. We’ll tell you what to bring, what you shouldn’t bring and tips to make your appointments productive. If you have a question you’d like answered in the September issue, be sure to email it to

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