Till I Grow

One woman’s triumphant battle over cancer, her children stood strong! Sheer survival takes center stage, within this compelling story of a breast cancer survivor. Till I Grow involves ways in which the reader will garner the strength in overcoming hurdles by the use of exuberant tenacity. Far-fetched aspirations were sought feverishly, while Rayshawn McAuley zeroed in on matters of the heart. With the shift of change, the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, as well as diet presented itself. Her children stood by as she single-handedly carried them through her time of need, facing the storms, never totally giving into feelings of despair. She has navigated toward a better tomorrow. Till I Grow describes the uncanny measures Rayshawn took in refusing to give up. While holding her life-saving arm around her three children, she used the other in the battle of a lifetime. Humorous moments are highlighted in remembrance of early childhood, teen and adult years, through the eyes of the author. What quickened this woman to continue without wavering? The answer lay in allowing the process of forgiving past hurts, living, loving, and laughing out loud!


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