‘Tis the Season or Using Better Tags for Your Posts

Tib Portrait copy     Here we are approaching the end of the year. I’m sure we’re all taking stock of our personal selves and our writing. I’m thinking about resolutions for the coming year. How about resolving to try something new?
    I found a free app for my iPad called Cloud Art. It generates word clouds. If you’ve never tried this, it’s worth a look. A free site: wordle.net
    I have never been a victim of writers’ block. Sometimes I’d like the ideas to stop for awhile. However, I admit I did Google ideas for this blog. I opened a few websites and glanced through them. Too many ideas to focus on. Then I remembered the app for creating word clouds, and I was off and running—typing.
    If I were stuck for ideas I’d try wordle. Type in an idea for a story or novel—try the pitch, or a very short synopsis. Wordle will generate a word cloud. That might kick start ideas.
    I copied and pasted this blog and here’s what I got.

     I often struggle with tags for a post. The word cloud provides a bunch of them in a cool graphic. Go to wordle. Copy and paste your blog, create a cloud, and you have tags for your post. Tags come up in searches and give your post better SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

Last, but not least, make sure your title will come up in an Internet search. That’s why I added to the title of this posting.

Happy tagging and happy holidays.


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  1. Beth Browne says:

    How fun, Tibby! I love word clouds! Great tips too!

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