Tooey’s Crossroads – Outrageous Tales and Bold-Face Lies

Praise for Tooey’s Crossroads – Outrageous Tales and Bold-Face Lies.

“Pug Greenwood’s stories generally contain a dainty sliver of truth served in a dark thick malarkey marmalade, and best chased with a generous sip of whiskey. Then shortly thereafter you find yourself in search of a second helping.”

“This collection of short stories made a great traveling companion during my flight from the authorities to Australia.”

“A great bathroom book. You can get through some of the shorter stories without even having to be constipated.”

“It’s all lies, except for the story about that stupid Raccoon.”

“Lies! They’re all lies! I never made a dishonest sale or misrepresentation in my whole life.  The mud he has slung on the Tooey name is unforgivable. And to think, out of my civic duty I helped him during his work release! I’m going to sue, if this book makes any money at all!”

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