Tough As Stone – Brandon’s Story

Based on a child’s lifelong battle with painful, chronic health conditions, Tough As Stone – Brandon’s Story encourages patients to champion their own health care and redefine happiness.

In one sobering moment reality hit us and removed any sense of well-being. Tests now revealed that the black substance in Brandon’s urine was in fact blood. At least that confirmed the problem but it did nothing to alleviate our anxiety. Being passed from doctor to doctor, without any real improvement, helped us learn to take ownership of Brandon’s medical problems. Taking ownership meant understanding everyone’s roles: the doctors’, ours, and Brandon’s. We wanted Brandon to be a success in life despite anything he endured. We knew God had plans for Brandon, and we wanted to prepare him for those plans. Working our way up to the bottom seemed like an impossible journey, but thankfully God provided an Army of tireless angels who kept pulling us out of our bottomless pit.

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