Thanks for making all those calls! Early this morning we learned that Governor Sandford’s line item veto—which effectively denied state funds to libraries—has not been allowed to stand. Libraries WILL be funded in the FY2011 budget. All the calls and emails to your legislators WORKED!


If you are a South Carolina resident, call your SENATOR today!

Governor Sanford’s vetoes to the FY11 State budget include two line items that cut $6.5 million in State funds for libraries and jeopardize the receipt of an additional $2.7 million in Federral Library Services and Technology funds. Effectively, if these vetoes stand, public libraries in South Carolina will receive ZERO dollars from the state.

It is imperative that you contact your House Representative immediately to let them know how vital libraries are to their communities and ask that the Budget Vetoes 31 and 92 be overturned. The House is expected to vote on this issue Tuesday, June 15. (THAT’S TODAY, FOLKS!)

Additonally, Governor Mark Sandford has vetoed the budget for the South Carolina Arts Commission, which helps to fund non-profits like SCWW.

If you don’t know who to call, click on the link below to find your House Representative.


Please, PLEASE, PLEASE flood the offices our legislators with calls demanding our public libraries and the Arts Commission be funded.

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