Weather, Dress Code and Other Tidbits

The conference is almost here! Carrie and I are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you! We’ve been planning since November 2008 and we’re ready to start the actual event.

Here’s a link to the weather:

It looks like we’re going to have great weather, so be sure to bring warm-weather clothes as it’s supposed to be near eighty!

As for the attendee dress code, during class time its business casual. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing; but you want to make sure you’re presentable. Please refrain from anything inappropriate, as in halter tops, ratty t-shirts, stained sweat pants, skirts that don’t clear the upper thigh. If there’s a question as to whether it’s appropriate, consider wearing something else.

At dinner, we step it up a notch. Don’t feel compelled to pack your cummerbund and tails or your cocktail shimmery dress, but please wear something appropriate for a nice dinner. For the guys, slacks and a button-down is fine. For the ladies, dresses or slacks.

When considering what to wear to your critique or pitch, consider this: Our faculty members buy and sell books for a living. They want clients who also see publishing as a business. You want to put your best foot forward. Don’t overdo it — no one expects you to show up in a three-piece suit complete with watch chain. But make sure to look your business casual best. Faculty members are looking for new authors. Don’t let your appearance stand in the way of an offer.

Last item: Silent Auction. Our annual silent auction is one of our greatest sources of income. We’re a non-profit. There are no paid employees, board members, or conference staffers. So, please, PLEASE be generous at the Silent Auction. The baskets, crafts, and critiques are all donated items. Your generosity keeps the conference affordable for everyone. All the proceeds go directly to next year’s budget and insure the continuation of the SCWW Conference.

If you have any questions, or last minute emergencies, please call or email us and we’ll do our best to help!

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2 Responses to Weather, Dress Code and Other Tidbits

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wonderful advice. Great forecast, too… good to know it'll warm up from the chilly 50's we've had lately. I'm so looking forward to the conference. Thanks for the update, Lateia!

  2. Scott Eagan says:

    I applaud Lateia and the conference leaders for making the note about the appropriate dress for the weekend. Remember, while this may be a vacation time, this is also a “work” environment. Professionalism is always key. You never know who is watching you. It might be your next agent or editor!

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