WHAT WOULD JANE DO? by Leigh Stevenson

SCWW Guest Blogger Leigh Stevenson

SCWW Guest Blogger Leigh Stevenson

I had a huge realization. My return to the stage and the press surrounding it taught me something. Never has so much been written about so little. Really. The one-act play I did was funny, true. But articles in every publication in town, Facebook advertising, Twitter and then FRONT PAGE of the newspaper? Are you kidding me? Suddenly we were sold-out. The playwright, Robbie Robertson also our publicist/media guru, master of networking and blitzkrieg, was responsible.

I had heard for a while from professionals that getting your work out into the media, using all formats, is important. You create your own stir. I resisted this and basically ignored it. I thought, “Who would really read all the hype?” I guess I’m a throwback to Jane Austen. I just wanted to write. Not self-promote. Finally, a full year after a good friend said it was imperative, I created a blog. Slow study doesn’t quite cover it.

What Robbie taught me is, IT WORKS. However painful and makes me want-to-hide-under-the-bed-embarrassing, IT WORKS. If you create enough stir people will notice. I wish it was a different world. But it’s not.

Also, I wonder if the new technology intimidates anyone else. Is it just me? First, computers. That was a challenge, but I mastered the basics. Every time I talk with someone who knows more than I do (which isn’t hard), I pick their brain and take notes. In pencil. Remember pencil? By the way, do you notice that young people, I mean the ones that grew up with computers, are annoyed to show you how to do things on the computer? As if your ignorance wasn’t enough of a handicap, you feel dumb about being ignorant. I want to remind them; even they had to learn to read. We don’t spring from our mother’s loins with technology implanted. Or reading skills.

Next was email. I stuck a tentative toe in the water and then dove. I loved it. A fast, efficient way to correspond. Apparently it wasn’t fast or efficient enough. Then came (I’m not sure in what order, so don’t sue me) Websites for Everything and Everyone! Texting, Twitter, Blogging, Skype, Smartphones (what does that even mean?), Cloud technology, Nooks, Kindles, iPads, and on and on. I’m sure I’m behind on even naming them.

The point is, I feel I have to be a magician to keep up. I’m trying, heaven knows. I’m not sure, however, with all of this corresponding and sharing of information… if people are still talking. How’s the art of conversation faring with the How r u’s and LOL’s? How about handwritten letters? I used to love letters. Even a greeting card makes me happy. Oh sure, I love to get them via email, but there is something about holding them in your hand. Books, too. I don’t want to be a dinosaur about it but it’s true, there are things to miss. Some traditions worth hanging on to. I still love Jane Austen. What on earth would she have done?


About Leigh Stevenson:

Leigh is a transplanted Kentuckian who learned her love of literature from a storytelling father and a poet mother. She earned her BA in English and Biology and Teaching Certificate from the University of Kentucky and a Mental Health Associates Degree from Georgia State University. She has made her home in South Carolina for over twenty years.

Most recently, Leigh worked in the Undergraduate Division of the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina where she was in charge of Special Projects. This included Service Learning for USC students and Faculty in a program that paired the World Affairs Council, USC and five high schools in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Part of her work in Romania was in establishing English libraries in the high schools.

Leigh has also acted in local theatres in Columbia and is a member of the South Carolina Shakespeare Company.

She has written one Young Adult novel, two Middle Grade novels and is working on a third. Her adult fiction, novel-in progress was short listed for the 2011 Faulkner Words & Music Competition.

Connect with Leigh:

Blog: http://moseriahwrites@blogspot.com

Facebook: leigh.stevenson@facebook.com

Twitter: @moseriah

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/leigh-stevenson/5/628/203/

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2 Responses to WHAT WOULD JANE DO? by Leigh Stevenson

  1. Gail Sternstein says:

    I loved it! When will your blog open up?

  2. Erin Chandlwr says:

    Your blog reminds me if the song “give em the old Razzle Dazzle” from Chicago! Sad but true… So Razzle Dazzle the world with Jonathan’s fairy tale!!!

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