What’s the Point?


I’m disappointed the SCWW can’t have a three day conference this year, but I’m looking forward to our one day Symposium.

What’s the point of going to a conference?

Obvious answer: Where else could we meet agents, editors and other successful authors all in one place?

The first SCWW conference I attended I learned these professional folks are real people and easy to talk to. They speak writer language: story/character arcs, plot development, marketing and social media and more. I didn’t have a clue what a story arc was.

I discovered there were others like me: writers working for recognition. People who have stories to tell in various genres. All those characters and ideas swirling in our heads trying to find a way out.

This year’s one day symposium Writing for Publication is packed with professionals with answers to our questions. And authors, editors and agents who will offer critiques on our work.

From attending previous conferences I can pass on one important lesson I learned about craft: the story arc. Learning about the story arc sparked an epiphany for me. What seemed obvious to others had eluded me. That lesson helped me with my own writing, editing and with teaching.

I’m a visual learner and rely heavily on imagery ‒ visual or word images ‒ to understand and convey meaning. So I offer an image and two links that might help some of you who are struggling with where your darned story is going.

Comment on this blog and post just one thing you learned at a writers’ conference, or that someone told you about when they attended one. Doesn’t matter if it was ours or another one, a one day format, or a workshop, an information session, an online conference or a lunch-and-learn held by a local group. Lots of comments will mean lots of info ‒ some of which might be an epiphany for someone else.

Pay it forward.

Here are the links I promised:



The point is: writers, like all artists, create in a lonely vacuum. We improve our art by interacting with others: industry professionals and other writers.

The best place to do that?

A conference called Writing for Publication.


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3 Responses to What’s the Point?

  1. Kia says:

    Excellent post, Tibby. Thanks for sharing your experience with our members.

  2. JES Hays says:

    Last year’s SCWW Conference was my first ever – I learned so much that it would take an entire blog post! One of the main things was, as you said, agents and editors are just people and are as eager to listen to you as you are to speak to them.

  3. Jayne says:

    From your post, I learned about a story arc, and from past conferences I’ve learned that there are as many types of writers as there are heads/brains. Seriously, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I hear other writers talking about science fiction, suspense, young adult fiction, children’s books, romance, chick lit, and so forth when I can’t even think in those terms! But that’s okay, for I’ve learned that there’s a big enough pie for everyone and that we all have our own unique voices.

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