Where does it all begin?

Are we born with the desire to create and describe our inner and outer worlds? Is it a longing deep inside to put words to what we see and feel? Or is it a passion that grows from experience?
As adults surely we have asked ourselves this question. Maybe some of us know our answer. But children write too, many of them do. And not just school reports. They spin these beautiful webs of faraway worlds that are larger than life and secret hidden worlds accessed through the mouse hole. They write memoirs and life stories of sadness and fears and mean teachers and hilarity. So it would lend us to believe writers are born and grown from seed to tree.
I asked some children recently, “Why do you write?” And I found some interesting responses. “I like using my imagination and creating different worlds. I like seeing what the world could be like,” the fantasy writer. Another child responded, “Because it’s a way to get stuff off your mind,” the memoirist. “I don’t write, because I don’t have time,” the modern child! And the very blunt response, “Because I’m bored.” It seems like no matter the age, we writers write for the same reasons. As we navigate the waters of the world some of us are driven to make a map.

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