William Justice Bruehl

A Pilgrimage Like No Other

A Pilgrimage details Bruehl’s personal discovery, made after sixty years in pursuit of the question “Who Am I?” He found for himself that our spirituality is natural and real. We find true transcendence in the quality of all our relationships and by going beyond our little selves. When we do let go of that little self, that ego role, we find that heaven, the spiritual experience, is right here in all of us.

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The Technique of Inner Action, The Soul of a Performer’s Work

This is a book for performers, presenters, and their directors. It is for singers, dancers, teachers, lawyers, and actors in every genre of theatre. Bill Bruehl has set forth a comprehensive method for mastering the internal skills of the performer, as well as a precise method of interpreting text. He also brings Stanislavsky’s pioneering theory of inner action to fruition.
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What the Girl at the Picnic Said

A collection of 17 short stories that follow the coming of age experiences of Wally Weet, age 5 to 35, as he deals with his angels and antagonists while growing up in middle class America in mid-twentieth century.

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