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Write to be Heard

By Regina Mae
Bluffton Chapter


In early 2014, Laura Wilson followed a dream that led her to sleepy little Bluffton on the banks of the MayRiver.  After raising four sons as a single mom, Laura dreamt of becoming a full-time writer and finishing the novel she started and put away fourteen years ago.  Laura stripped life down to its simplest form, renting a cute little fishing cottage that is moseying distance from the May River, and started the Bluffton Chapter of the SCWW – Write to be Heard.

By summer 2014, the Bluffton Chapter grew to five members strong.  In addition to Laura, our members include co-chair Laurie McCall, Regina Mae, Melinda Copp and Stephanie Bente.  Since last summer, Laura has finished the first draft of her novel, Redtail.  Laurie has finished the first draft of her novel, Sway of the Siren. Regina has finished the first draft of her memoir, Adventures in Dating. Melinda, who is a professional ghostwriter, has finished several projects for clients as well as The Secret Life of Alligators, a narrative, non-fiction tale about alligators.  And Stephanie has finished her children’s book, Frugal the Bunny, which she wrote and illustrated.

We have grown into a cohesive unit that provides unwavering support and constructive criticism that allows each of us to reach our fullest potential as writers.  Our paths are so similar it seems serendipitous that we ended up together as one chapter, each of us finishing the first drafts of our books at the same time, going through the pains of editing at the same time, and now pursuing publication options.

We have guest speakers, like Rockelle Henderson, President of Rock Inked, Inc., a former publisher with HarperCollins and Random house, and Elijah Heyward, Jr., poet and author of Stories and Poems of a Gullah Native, which he self-published, as well as many other poems and children’s books.  Both Ms. Henderson and Mr. Heyward spoke to us about publishing options, with Ms. Henderson sharing her experience as a traditional publisher who now helps clients pursue either traditional or self-publishing and Mr. Heyward sharing his experiences as a self-published author.

We are excited to continue to encourage and support each other as we pursue publication of our work and plan new writing projects, and look forward to meeting new potential members.


Regina Mae is a writer, a lawyer, and a lover of all things beautiful. She has completed her memoir, Adventures in Dating, and is in the planning stage of a trilogy of romantic suspense, The Perfect Husband, The Perfect Date and The Perfect Admirer. You can find Regina Mae on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as Regina Mae Writes.


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  1. Beth Crosby says:

    Congratulations on all of your successes. Keep us posted! Thank you for sharing inspiration!

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