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I recently began corresponding with a best-selling author. Our communication started when I finished one of his latest novels and emailed him my thoughts of the story. To my great surprise, he replied and indicated he would be interested in more detail.

I pointed out two characters in the story who would have been more interesting in interacting with the protagonist than the one he chose. He replied those two were main characters in a series he is writing. He also indicated the one interacting with the protagonist in this novel would become a background character in his series.

I was impressed. We seemed to have similar opinions and insights but what affected me the most was his freedom to write however he chose. He decided why, what, when, where, and about whom he would write. What a wonderful concept. Did I mention he was making money doing this?

He told me he had used the name of one of his characters as the co-author of one of his books, just for fun. Did I mention he was a self-publisher? Did I mention he was making money doing this?

In fact, he is well on the way to two million sales on Amazon. A “Traditional Publisher” recently offered him a huge sum of money; I think it was a million dollars, for the next four books in his series. He turned them down.  He turned them down!

Now, that’s writing independence. By now, many of you involved in writing and publishing know of whom I speak. I won’t use his name because I haven’t asked him for permission, and he doesn’t need any more publicity. Everything he has written has been a best seller. His writing is a little rougher and his wording a little rawer than I would feel comfortable with, but I salute him. He is free to write whatever he wants.

Wait a minute, so am I.

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  1. Kia says:

    Good blog, Monet!

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