Call for Submissions


Dear Members of SCWA,

You’ve been writing all year. You’ve been sharing your work in workshop, getting feedback, revising, and doing it all over again. What pieces are you most proud of right now? What pieces have come a long way this year? What pieces do you think you’ve finally got right?

Got some pieces in mind? Well, we’d like to see them. We’re taking submissions for Catfish Stew: an SCWA Anthology. We’re looking for the best work produced within our organization this year. We’ve got readers and editors from each region of SCWA to recommend pieces for our annual anthology. Our goal is tell the story of our organization through your work.

Did you know catfish are one of the most diverse kinds of fish? They range in size from the 400 pound Mekong giant catfish to the tiny parasitic candiru. There are armor-plated catfish and “naked” fish with no scales. We are returning to the name Catfish Stew because it’s messy, it’s versatile and it’s delicious. You’ll find recipes that use okra, tomatoes and field peas or potatoes, carrots and squash. Some people eat it over rice or sprinkle crumbled soda crackers on top. Regardless of the recipe, catfish stew is always a Southern classic.

As we want this to be a true reflection of the work produced by our members, we’re accepting all genres including novel chapters. Send us your best and we’ll read it.

We’re accepting member submissions in the following categories: Short Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Novel First Chapter and Cover-art.

Submissions open 8/01/19 and close 11/30/19.

We can’t wait to read your work,

The Editors, Jayne Bowers and Sue Cryer




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