The Power of Giving Back

I will admit that I am a somewhat selfish person. I cherish my personal time, I encourage personal space, and although a hardcore extrovert by nature, I seek opportunities for my own individual interests at every turn. Daily, all of this proves difficult as a person with various goals and interests, and an active wife and mother of two (or five, if you count the dogs and cat).

Professionally, I am an executive-sales-person-turned-writer. I primarily sold services in the healthcare industry and initiated a number of pilot programs that were met with great successes. I was very good at selling and loved it. Though just for the record, I can hardly sew a button, and my cooking skills lack attention to detail on many occasions. Four years ago, I opted to pursue my dream of writing a novel, and daily I work to forget what I gave up (primarily a steady salary).

Now, my passion is in crafting stories and characters that mean something. Writing consumes about 40% of my time, and with my family taking up 40%, the rest of my available ‘free’ time at 20% includes my commitment to what life coaches refer to as the Wheel of Life. This is maintaining a balance within all aspects that comprise it, i.e. financial, physical, mental, social, spiritual, career, family, and community. However, 20% to give towards all of that is not much at the end of the day.

With all of this said, it is amazing that I am involved in as many activities, organizations and causes, all of which are not at the benefit of myself, but for others (or so I truly hope). I serve as a Girl Scout Leader, a tennis captain, Board member for both South Carolina Writer’s Workshop and Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association, a school volunteer, guest blogger and more…

The reasons I step up and commit to these volunteer endeavors, none of which are paid for, are many. I firmly believe that it takes a village to raise children. I know from personal experience that there will be always be people and groups in need. And, I see the amazing amount of unique talent and skill sets that people have, skills that can be shared for the benefit of many. It goes back to the 80/20 rule that we have all heard: 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Now is the time to change that percentage, in SCWW and perhaps in our individual lives.

The South Carolina Writer’s Workshop is led by a few who volunteer their time to produce newsletters, maintain finances, design and update websites and social media, and much more. This year is the perfect time for new people to step up and step in to a group that is committed to serving South Carolina Writers, a group that truly needs more people to make the organization rewarding and beneficial for everyone… Writers who love the written word and understand the power of not just living and writing, but of giving back.

Reach out today and contact us at Commit just a few hours per month by offering your time, skills and passion, with and for other writers!

Board Member Crystal Klimavicz talks about creating dramatic stories, one word at a time.

Board Member Crystal Klimavicz

Crystal Klimavicz, entrepreneur and writer, grew up in a small coastal town in Maine, and then spent my early adulthood in Boston and Atlanta, as well as three years living abroad in Kyiv, Ukraine. She and her husband now reside on Daniel Island in South Carolina with two children, two dogs and one plump cat.

Klimavicz is on the Board of Directors for the South Carolina Writer’s group, and is a contributor for Readers Unbound – a dedicated group of women who love to read, write and create stimulating blogs for their readers. 

Hwe second book in the ‘Kate Harriman’ dramatic series is entitled This Side of Perfect, and will be out by early 2016.

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